Which Food Fads Can You Trust to be Healthy?

Which food fads have peaked your interest recently? Healthy lifestyle enthusiast Hussain al Nowais actively assesses food trends and finds that while there are many trends worth overlooking—simply because they’re not as healthy as believed—other trends are worth considering and provide real health benefits. Current food fads that are actually healthy include:

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are rich with fiber and nutrients, and are known for being able to keep eaters full for longer. Chia seeds make for great additions to a host of foods, such as yogurt, oatmeal, salads, and grilled vegetables. If you’re looking to add an extra crunch to your dish, chia seeds are a much healthier alternative than other salted nuts or crisps. Nutritionists recommend that individuals purchase quantities of whole chia seeds, rather than packaged chia seeds, as packaged seeds often contain less nutrients.

Fermented Foods (Yogurt, Kimchee, Kefir)

The Greek yogurt trend is definitely here to stay, given that this fermented food does in fact maintain significant health benefits. Rich with protein and bacteria that’s good for the gut, yogurt can be a great choice for a healthful, filling snack that aids the digestive system. Other fermented foods like kimchee (spicy pickled cabbage) and kefir (a fermented milk drink) are also rich with good gut bacteria!

Grass-Fed Beef

Shoppers are definitely moving toward ethical, high-quality meats, which is why grass-fed beef has emerged as a popular food fad of late. The good news is that it’s actually a more healthful choice than purchasing beef that was fed on grains. Grass-fed beef contains fewer calories and less saturated fat, yet features the healthy CLA fat.  Note though that grass-fed beef does come at a higher cost than grain-fed beef (at least for now) so be sure that beef is actually certified as grass-fed.

Beet Greens

Just what are beet greens? For those unfamiliar, beet greens are the long leafy tops of beets, and they’re emerging as a popular alternative to other nutritious greens like kale. Beet greens contain high amounts of Vitamin A—which is good for bone health and the immune system—and can be easily incorporated into soups and smoothies, and can serve as a seamless substitute for spinach and kale.

Food Fads to Avoid

Which food fads might you want to avoid? Don’t put much stock in:

  • Massive cleanses
  • Juicing
  • Raw Diets

Be sure to check back in with Hussain al Nowais for more healthy eating tips!

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