Why the UAE is a Top Destination for International Business Professionals

The United Arab Emirates is rapidly evolving into a thriving hub for international business professionals across industries, attracting workers from Europe, Asia, North America and Africa. In fact, approximately 50 percent of the UAE’s current population is comprised of internationals who have relocated, and it doesn’t look like this figure will decrease anytime soon. As Hussain al Nowais, a traveling business professional who frequently conducts business in the UAE, knows, the UAE is a premier destination in which to both live and work.

For those like al Nowais with a penchant for vibrant culture, great food, and an abundance of activity and entertainment, the UAE is an ideal country, as it offers a wealth of each. The UAE food scene is a conglomeration of both high-quality international and national cuisine, while the country’s most populous cities, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, feature an abundance of shopping and recreational activities, all in high-end style.

Internationals considering a relocation to the UAE will also find that the country maintains incredibly low tax rates, and that things like gas and electricity are also noticeably less expensive than in other countries thanks to the government’s commitment to providing energy subsidies.

For those with children, the UAE has fostered a reputation for exceptional private schools, though its public education is also top-tier. The UAE’s focus on innovation and a knowledge-based economy has propelled education to the top of the national political agenda, and a host of initiatives have been launched in the public schools system to promote science, math and engineering.

In terms of real estate, the UAE provides a number of suitable options for internationals. Though the country is divided into seven separate regions, most visiting professionals will likely work near either the capital of Abu Dhabi or Dubai. Of the two, Abu Dhabi’s real estate market has recently strengthened as demand for renting single or double room apartments in and around the capital has grown by nearly 9% over the course of the last year, with price ranges for apartments remaining affordable.

In all, for business professionals with contract work in the UAE, or business professionals seeking to relocate to the UAE permanently on their own accord, most will find that this innovative country has much to offer its new arrivals.

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